Dr. Melvin Lee Dentistry

We realize that the healthiest and strongest teeth are all-natural teeth – therefore, we realize that any dental restoration is inferior to the all-natural alternative.  This is why we are extremely passionate about promoting preventative dentistry in our clinic.  Our dental hygienists provide thorough yet gentle cleanings through high-quality periodontal maintenance therapy.  They also provide comprehensive counselling and home-care oral hygiene intstruction, ensuring that cavity-causing plaque and gum disease-causing tartar are removed from your teeth on a day-to-day basis.  In addition, our team can provide various preventative dental appliance options for you to address your specific need, including: night guards for patients who grind or clench their teeth while they sleep; sports guards for patients and their children who play contact sports (e.g. hockey, soccer, football).  Because we are treating your teeth, we aim to deliver preventative treatment.

We treat each patient based on their unique set of needs and desires. Therefore, we ensure that each and every patient receives treatment that is best catered to their specific individualized requirements. To this end, we place these requirements before those of our own. Because we are treating your teeth, we aim to deliver personalized treatment.


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